Six Service Systems: Providing the Most Comprehensive Protection to Your Collection

 Wall-to-Wall Full Service

AC | COMPANIONS provides wall-to-wall full supervision for your artworks. The service includes providing condition report, risk assessment,  executive plan, and tracking the security status of your artworks in real-time.

Management Consultancy

• Online consultancy: 12/ 5 (12 hours a day, 5 days a week)
• Program supervision service: 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Our professional customer service staff provides immediate, online solutions to issues regarding collection condition, collection maintenance methods, product usage, exhibition installation, etc.

Status Report

AC | COMPANIONS has developed an independent online database which can timely and accurately access the current status and progress of services including artwork installation, transportation, storage, etc.,in order to better the conduct statistical analysis, status tracking, accountability, etc.

 Smart Storage Management

We provide customized storage methods, from temperature and humidity control systems to a storage zone devoted for entire artwork collections, satisfying the strictest artwork storage requirements. In addition, we provide options for storage spaces, matching different storage requirements; from simple and clean storage spaces for packaged artworks to storage spaces from our racking system. There is a 360 degree monitoring and alarm system. We also provide a zone for you to check, document and fill in status reports on your artworks.


ACC’s artwork insurance is catered to market need, insurance services are provided to artworks and previous items. Our goal is to stabilize a steady market growth for the artwork industry, providing customized and affordable insurance services to art collectors and art lovers.

 Artwork Legal Services

We provide artwork legal services, from copyright protection, artwork mortgages and loans, artwork liability, artwork funds, artwork insurance to artwork trading, best methods for artwork related inheritance distribution, artwork arrangements at divorce and retrievable assets. Your inquiries will be taken care of by our legal team.