Flower dance forest and future amusement park

Project Name: Flower Dance Forest and Future Amusement Park
Project organization: Perth Gallery
Project Type: Exhibition
Year of completion: 2017


exhibition:Flower dance forest and future amusement park
time:May 20, 2017 – October 10
location:Pez Beijing Gallery

The team of more than 400 professionals in technology and design creative team “team laboratory teamLab” was founded in 2001, in recent years has developed into a global influence of digital new media art creation team.

Through cross-border, cross-cutting cooperation to achieve beyond the art, science, creativity and technology and other aspects of physical constraints and domain boundaries. Both the experimental new media art works are exhibited in galleries and biennale around the world, as well as a large number of commercial cooperation projects. For example, has been customized for the Japanese idol group Arashi (ARASHI) interactive video, Twitter on a month more than 2.6 million times the hits.

Artists use new media technology to interact with viewers, blurring the boundaries between science and art. Through the means of science and technology, the audience placed in the magic of the beautiful space, from the hearing, visual, smell, touch to feel the artist carefully created the atmosphere – a new world, tender and beautiful flowers around the breath of touch buds, flashing Crystal lights in accordance with the minds of the audience blooming, Ao dance birds chase each other into a trace of each other.

In the overwhelming blowing among the light and shadow, there are quiet corner can understand the silence of the Zen book, Yi Jin Fei Fei, dark round cherry. Artists hope that through the means of technology, people become part of the work, through interaction, so that works for people move. While bringing people to the natural, the world, the universe and self thinking.